Beach Bound

❤ I’m spending some time on the sand but I’ll be back in no time with so much to share with you (including details on this dress)! ❤

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12 Comments to “Beach Bound”

  1. Take me with you!!! Love this dress!

  2. I’m very jealous both of the time at the beach and of the dress! :)

  3. Love the dress and the colour of that bikini!! Looking forward to some more gorgeous pics – your last few have been just breathtaking – perfect colour and composition! :)

  4. Oh have a wonderful wonderful time on the beach with that awesome outfit!

  5. Oh I definitely approve of your beach time! Have fun! Can’t wait to hear more about the dress – the whole outfit is gorgeous!

  6. OMG!! Loooove that dress.The fabric is beautiful.

  7. Wow! The dress turned out lovely! Can’t wait to hear more about it =D

  8. Have an excellent time at the beach, excited to hear about that super cute dress when you return!

  9. Oh beach beach beach – hope you take a good book too. PS really like the new header…

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