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February 17, 2012

Spring Wardrobe Sketches

Don’t laugh, okay? These must be the saddest little croqui in the world but I think they’ll serve their purpose.

I had a gift certificate to so half of my fabric was ordered online. It’s always risky ordering online but I’m crossing my fingers that they’re what I’m hoping for.

Once these arrive I’ll take the swatches with me to the local fabric stores for the remainder yardage. I know I’d like some yellow bottomweight for the pants and red blouseweight for the long sleeved shirt. The remaining two garments (a blouse and a wild card) will be dependent on what fabric I find.

I’m getting so excited to start! If all goes as planned, I should have my first muslin sewn up this weekend. What’s more exciting than that though? A Good Wardrobe will be hosting a guest next week! On Monday, the lovely Alexandra of In House Patterns will be with us to talk about assessing the fit of our garments. This is sure to be a very educational post and I’m looking forward to applying her advice to my spring wardrobe pieces. I hope you’ll join us!


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