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December 5, 2011

Sloppy Sewing

Before I left on vacation, I completed several projects in a short period of time. One of these projects is a self drafted silk charmeuse¬†top but I haven’t shown it to you because I’m embarrassed by my sloppy sewing. I tried, despite knowing what the results would be, to serge, turn, and stitch the armholes and they are seriously warped. It’s not pretty and this poor blouse may never be worn because of it.

I’ve started taking shortcuts in all my sewing projects and am seeing the poor results little by little. Now I’m not blaming the serger but this sloppy sewing started after I purchased the machine. The moment a project is introduced to the serger, my mind allows me to take shortcuts on all other aspects. I haven’t made a french seam for many, many projects and that just feels wrong.

The kimono sleeve dress is finished and my emotions have run the gamut with this project. There are moments that I love it and moments that I have doubts that I’ll wear it more than once. It took me all weekend to find a suitable styling for blog pictures. However, the thing I’m most disappointed with is my sloppy sewing. There aren’t any noticeable errors but the whole process felt rushed and the inside looks rushed. I wonder if I had taken the same amount of care that I did with the first version, would this dress feel more special. From this point forward, I’m going to consciously include other finishing techniques like I did before the serger was in my life.

Is there something that triggers sloppy sewing for you? How do you overcome it?


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